About Us

Herbst Gaming is a web portal about gaming and everything concerning a market that we love deeply and have been an ongoing source of happiness for us. The blog is kept by a very enthusiast group that takes all matters relating to gaming very seriously. Our goal is to cover everything that might be of importance, from the latest stories and gossips within an industry that is always doing the best they can to offer quality products to news pertinent to popular releases. Our primary focus is gaming in general, so we don’t make the distinction between big corporate releases or indie gaming. Whatever contributes to keeping the interest of games in the spotlight is a welcomed topic in our blog.

The people working on Herbst Gaming firmly believe that written opinions can have a great deal of impact on the purchase options of a gamer. We aim to make each one of our posts as objective as we can. We’ll point out the good, the bad, and the ugly on every game we choose to play to the last detail. We are an independent outlet with no commitments to any brand in the business, and as such we offer our views without fear or obligations to any party out there. Gamers deserve that much when it comes to the products they choose to spend their hard earned money. You will occasionally see our take on hardware as well, treated under the same principles.

We do our best to offer coverage to any significant event on the market as well as our analysis on topics we believe to be interesting for the gaming community. The hard facts are that the current state of the gaming industry is moving at a pace that even the most professional sites are unable to keep up, with new releases every day on gaming platforms such as Steam, and the never-ending console war dropping bombs with exclusives announcements every week. If you feel that we should treat a topic with diligence, or if you wish our personal take on anything, from games to platforms, feel free to contact us in our social networks in Twitter and Facebook!